Sheffield Church – Statement on Injustice In America

If we’re following Christ, then we’re following His command…“to love one another”!!

No matter the color, age, race or nationality…we are to love as Christ loves!

The Sheffield Church stands against the racial injustice and disparity that has caused deep pain and division across our country and the world. We also stand against the violence, burning and looting witnessed across our country recently.


Our hearts are breaking too, and go out to the families and loved ones reeling from the senseless pain and loss of life brought about by racism, injustice, and violence.


For the sake of George Floyd’s life, and the taken lives of  too many others just like him, we must “hide God’s Word in our heart”, …“let our light shine”…and “be doers of the Word”, as we join with the hearts and pleas of throngs around the world praying for the end of racism and hate.


Just like Jesus, our goal should always be “salvation for all”!  And our commitment to humanity…no matter color, race or ethnicity…must always be “life, liberty and justice for all!”


Better Together,

Pastor Scott Skeens