ReStart Protocol & Procedures – Sheffield Church of God

“Better Together”



Sheffield Church will consider its restart process of “Phase 1” timeline provided by the State of Ohio and the Ohio Church of God recommendations.


“Phase 1” will begin at the lifting of the Ohio ‘Stay at Home’ Order. All restart plans will be discussed by leadership, bathed in prayer and fasting, and the utmost consideration given to the health and welfare of all attendees and the community. All phases, timelines, and services are subject to change as conditions warrant, as determined by the Church & Pastor’s Council.


Any person(s) considering attending any “on-campus” gathering of Sheffield Church of God

should carefully consider their own health, wellness, and risk to others, in making a decision to attend in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Attendees will assume all risk of attendance.

More information can be found at:


The following plan has been established with the best interest of our church family framed through Godly wisdom and motivated by Christ centered love for one another.


Phase 1 – June 7th


A. “On-Campus Services” will be offered at 10:00 am.


  1. LIVE Stream Online service will continue in conjunction with on-campus service and will be a

    permanent addition to the ministry.


  1. Drive-in Service will be available and will feature a FM radio channel for anyone who desires to

    remain in their vehicle in the church parking lot at this time.


  1. Worship Services will be one hour in length.


  1. Proper protocol to disinfect and clean restrooms, hallways, foyer, door handles, stage and sanctuary

    will take place before every on-campus service.


  1. Nursery, preschool, children’s classes, and kids church will not be available in Phase 1.

    Children must accompany their parents in the sanctuary.


  1. Classrooms, balcony, office(s), water fountain, drinks/coffee, snacks, gymnasium, fellowship hall,

     and kitchen will not be available in Phase 1.


  1. Masks will be ‘required’ upon entering the church building, and all attendee(s) must provide their

     own mask. Children under 2 years are not required to have a mask.


I.Masks must be worn properly at all times inside the church building. Those who serve on the stage

   are permitted to remove their mask while on the stage.

   Masks are for the protection of others.


  1. Touchless temperature checks will be given to each attendee.

   Should a temperature reading of 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit or higher occur, every person within that

   family will not be able to attend the on-campus service. Drive-in or LIVE Stream will be other options.         

    *The name of any attendee denied entry will be documented for follow-up purposes, and every  

      effort will be made to maintain the appropriate privacy and confidentiality.


  1. Hand sanitizer will be available. Masks, gloves, or other personal protection will be the responsibility

    of the attendee.


  1. Ushers/personnel will escort families/individual to a designated seat in the lower level of the

    sanctuary. This seating process is in place to help attendee(s) remain at least 6 feet in distance from

    one another and family units remain together.


  1. Due to the nature and potential health danger of COVID-19, there cannot be any physical contact

      (hand-shakes, hugs, etc.) while on church premises. A wave, air high-five, or nod is appropriate.


  1. Services will be paperless/touchless to the extent possible. Bibles have been removed from the

     pews so please bring your bible with you.  No bulletins will be distributed and all announcements

     will be made from the platform or viewed via video.


  1. There will be “tithe/offering baskets” available at the exit doors when service(s) are dismissed. As

     attendee(s) exit the sanctuary, they will place their giving envelope in the basket. An usher will have

     a basket available also for those in the Drive-in Service.

     Giving online will continue to be available as always.


  1. Families/individual(s) will be dismissed by rows and must proceed directly to the parking lot.

    To maintain proper distancing from one another, congregating and fellowship will not be permitted

    on church property.


  1. Wednesday Prayer Focus @ 7:00pm – will continue on Facebook LIVE.


  1. Children’s Ministry, Youth/Student Ministry, Bible Study Ministry, – will continue on Facebook LIVE.


  1. Connect Groups Ministry – will continue using Zoom and/or Call in.

    Connect group gathering planning and execution is the sole responsibility of the Connect Group

    Leaders. Connect Group gatherings must be approved in advance by the Lead Pastor and Connect   

    Group Ministry Coordinator. Protocols to physical distancing guidelines will apply.

     *Church facility will not be open for Connect Groups.



As we begin Phase 1, each week will be evaluated to ensure we are providing everyone a safe, healthy, and spiritual experience at Sheffield Church. Schedules and ministry times are subject to change as we see restrictions being lifted and CDC protocols adjusted for the well-being of every person.


We are committed to every person who calls Sheffield Church their home. Therefore, however one decides to attend; in person, online, or in the parking lot; all are valuable members and deserve the best experience possible. Every effort will be made to help every person feel loved, supported, and connected. We are all “better together.”